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Frequently Asked Questions

Medicbox is a health app to sort your medical data in an easy, quick and safe manner. You can record the emergency contacts, all your medical reports, the examinations, your medical data (such as blood group or medical insurance), allergies, intolerances and much more. Last but not least, Medicbox will provide you the Lifesaving Code that will be very useful in case of accident, because it will allow rescuers to access immediately your medical data.

Having a Lifesaving Code is already a good reason to use Medicbox. Moreover, as health app for file hosting, Medicbox allows you to store in a single place the emergency contacts, important medical reports, medical visits and data (such as blood group or medical insurance), information about allergies and intolerances and much more.

Finally, Medicbox is a free health app, so why not use it?

  • Put it in your wallet

You will receive an email with your lifesaving code, print it and keep it inside your wallet.

  • Message in your smartphone

Make it visible in lock screen of your smartphone. You access  your smartphone in the section “Security”, ” Lock screen” or “Display” and paste your lifesaving code in “Owner information” or “Lock screen signature”.

  • App notification

You can set a notification in the status bar, at the top left, of the smartphone to show your lifesaving code in the lock screen.

After the first use your medical data there will be available for 24 hours so to protect your privacy. The Lifesaving Code can be regenerated after being used by  rescuers.

The free version allows you to use 300 MB free space and the possibility to upload up to 30 medical documents.

You will get 3 more files and 30 MB of space for each friend who accepts your invitation to use Medicbox.

The Premium version offers you 1 GB space and the possibility to upload up to 150 files. Additionally, it will be easier to manage your medical data since you will be allowed to modify and delete single annexes.

It’s possible to upload: .JPG, .JPEG, .GIF, .PNG, .PDF, .DCM, .BMP.

The .DCM is a standard format used to save images that can include ultrasound images, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and CT (Computed Tomography). Thanks to a viewer, which is included in the portal, it is possible to view this type of files.

The doctor can see only the medical data that you share with him.

Yes sure! All data is encrypted.